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Horseback riding has been a necessity for mankind for thousands of years. It is possible that the great migrations of peoples would not have been successful if they had not been made on horseback.

The characteristic of the saddle

This chair has a good padding underneath to cushion the weight on the horse's back, and at the top a sheepskin sheath, which provides comfort for the rider's seat, tied with thin leather straps called laces. He also has, this chair, spare reins in case they break the use during the stay in the field. But what stands out most about the denim chair are the stirrups with which it is accompanied. They are large, made of iron, with a wide support for the rider's entire boot and closed on the sides to protect the foot in case of accidental fall of the horse on the rider's leg.

What are the characteristics of riding chairs?

The saddle is the main contact element between the rider and the horse. Thanks to the chair, the rider can guide the animal's steps. Safety is therefore important. But don't forget that the rider will spend long periods of time on fine used saddles and that the horse will have to wear it for a long time, so you should not lose sight of comfort. With the principles of safety and comfort in mind, you can identify several aspects that should be kept in mind when purchasing a riding chair.

Seat shape

Concave and narrow seat, which favors support and fixing. Ideal for competition and dressage. It is also the preferred option for novels, precisely because it makes it easier to learn while learning. Flat, wide seats, more comfortable for continuous use, are common in ongoing or field work.

Although some chairs meet the requirements of either activity, there is also a versatile alternative.