The Andalusian horse

Andalusian horse - the most famous horse in Spain in the 16th-18th centuries, enjoyed worldwide popularity. Andalusian horses were represented in the stables of most European monarchs and noblemen.

Andalusian horse breed

The representatives of this race were considered the best "for the war and for the parade". During these years, the importance of Andalusian horses for world breeding can be compared to the value of a thoroughbred breed in our time. Andalusian horses are perfect for higher riding schools - it is in this region that they are most famous and in demand.

Portrait of an Andalusian horse with a luxurious mane

Andalusian horses have an average height at the withers - about 1.6 m. The compact, deep, wide and rounded trunk has some similarities with oriental standards of the Arabic type. Andalusians are more massive, compared to modern saddle horses, they have a "thick belly" and a wide chest. A high, wide and long neck has a characteristic curvature and a developed ridge. Andalusian horses have a medium-sized head with large almond-shaped eyes. The fringe that falls on the forehead underlines the beauty of the Andolusians. The legs of the representatives of this breed are bony and not very long, thin and light and end in powerful hooves.

Andalusian people on the move

A very special and undoubtedly striking show. Their run is extremely high by nature - it seems that the horse is dancing. When trotting, the front legs easily rise to chest level. The centre of gravity of Andalusian horses is slightly shifted towards the hind legs, but the front of the hull is at maximum height, which makes the horse particularly agile. Its movements are picturesque and majestic. It is a combination of lightness and pretentious parade in motion with characteristics typical of all Spanish horses, essential in Spanish riding schools.

Currently, Andalusians are unlikely to compete seriously with the mixed racehorses in equestrian sports with the high and unproductive movements of Andalusian horses not suitable for triathlon, show jumping or dressage.